Leading Through COVID-19 Disruption 

Luxury 1:1 relationship between privacy and personalization

Thursday July 9 | 11am EST


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While the “2020 black swan”, aka COVID-19, has definitely been disrupting our lifestyle, with all non-essential retail businesses locked down, we have been also realizing how cultivating one-to-one relationships with customers should be a top priority now and in the future for all brands.

Particularly, luxury retailers should be able to keep on pampering their customers with a more empathetic storytelling approach, designing compelling experiences with a bespoke service. And the only way to build those relationships is to have a deep understanding of customers, meaning leveraging actionable behavioral data.

Join us on July 9, at 11am EST for the second fireside chat, “Luxury 1:1 relationship between privacy and personalization” in our new series, Leading Through COVID-19 Disruption.

During this inspiring chat, Mauro Aprile Zanetti, Cloud4Wi’s Chief Evangelist and Milton Pedraza, CEO at Luxury Institute, will discuss how luxury brands can get faster back on track in this recovery phase, perfectly balancing privacy (regulation) and personalization (innovation), and get businesses safely reopen.

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