How Volare Sense works:
Data Sheet

Volare Sense

Discover all the technical specifications of Volare Sense

Volare Sense from Cloud4Wi is a smart, cost-effective cloud-based device that combines WiFi (802.11ac Wave 2) and BLE (Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy) to deliver intelligent applications on top of Cloud4Wi’s product suite. Volare Sense can work as either a smart WiFi and Bluetooth sensor, or a smart WiFi access gateway.

In this Data Sheet, you will learn more about the technical specifications:

  • Plug-and-play, cloud-based device
  • WiFi dual band Wave2 operation
  • Bluetooth Low Energy radio for passive scanning and beaconing
  • Support for location analytics and proximity marketing
  • Two Ethernet ports USB-powered
  • Smart mounting options

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